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Katie Zeller Named RepMO Hero of the Month

Join us in congratulating Ms Katie Zeller, 2nd Grade Teacher at Price Elementary, for being chosen as the OCTOBER REPMO HERO OF THE MONTH! Ms. Zeller, you are AMAZING and we are so incredibly #repmoproud to call you a RepMO Tiger! We appreciate all you do to serve the Republic School District students and employees.

A compilation of nominations received in regards to Ms Zeller from district employees is below. She will be honored at the November Board of Education meeting, and will also receive $500 to be spent on the resources of her choice.

Check out this video to watch Dr. Wistrom, "RepMO Man" honor Ms. Zeller!

Zeller RepMO Hero Katie Zeller is the October Price RepMO Hero nominee. Ms. Zeller can be described as an influential teacher leader who exemplifies what it takes to carry out the vision for the school in which she works along with the overall mission of our school district. She is always motivated, dedicated and committed to doing whatever is necessary to see each of her students succeed. Ms. Zeller makes learning happen! This is evident in her positive relationships and performance results. Ms. Zeller is a model of lifelong learning, always striving to improve herself as a teacher, and thereby facilitating her students to be all they can be. Ms. Zeller communicates well with families and has made connections with them and her students by providing a welcoming and inclusive classroom environment. She can do all of this because of the expectations she has for herself as a teacher, a dedicated team member, and as a strong advocate for student success. Finally, Ms. Zeller is a champion for our school community. Her leadership as a teacher, her dedication to teaching, her passion, and love for education make her a true RepMO Hero!

In addition to celebrating Ms. Zeller, we'd like to congratulate the following RepMO Hero nominees who were selected for going above and beyond in meeting student and fellow teammate needs! We are so thankful that you all choose to serve on our team! #repmoproud



EC: Stephanie Taylor, Special Education Teacher
Lyon: Lindsey Conner, Grade 2 Teacher
McCulloch: Sara Couts, Behavior Management Technician
Price: Katie Zeller, Grade 2 Teacher
Schofield: Brian Gasper, Grade 1 Teacher
Sweeny: Ashley Nguyen, Special Education Teacher
RMS: Joni Ragain, Counselor
RHS: Andrea Sorrell, Math Teacher
CIA/CO: Jennifer Renegar, Data and Assessment Specialist

October RepMO Hero Nom