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Stacey Judson Named September RepMO Hero

Join us in congratulating Stacey Judson, Instructional Aide at Sweeny Elementary, for being chosen as the SEPTEMBER REPMO HERO OF THE MONTH! We are so thankful that she chooses to serve in Republic! #repmoproud
A compilation of nominations received in regards to Ms. Judson from district employees is below. She will be honored at the October Board of Education meeting and will also receive $500 to be spent on the resources of her choice.
Sweeny Elementary is proud to nominate Stacey Judson for this month’s RepMO Hero. Stacey is a building aide at Sweeny. However, you would never know due to the many hats you see her wear here on a daily basis. You will find Stacey working on Chromebooks, subbing in classrooms, filling in for the secretaries or working with small groups in the area of literacy or numeracy. Stacey is extremely kind-hearted, works so hard and is always going above and beyond expectations for everyone around her. The students absolutely adore Stacey and love working with her. She fills voids that no one realizes need filled! Stacey serves on our Staff Lighthouse Team and facilitates our School Wide Events Action Team. We are so thankful for the way that Stacey perseveres with passion and leads with kindness each day at Sweeny.
In addition to celebrating Ms Judson we'd like to honor all of our RepMO Hero September Nominees! Thanks to every single one of these individuals for going above and beyond to serve students and teammates!
EC: Briawna Piekarski- Preschool Aide
Lyon: Dillon Dool -Custodian
McCulloch: Kaitlyn Malam- Instructional Aide
Price: Jessica Schafer- Focus/Instructional Aide
Schofield: Char-Marie Jennings-Nurse
Sweeny: Stacey Judson- Focus/Instructional Aide
RMS: Pamela Steck-Custodian
RHS: Michelle Stark-Steward- Attendance Secretary
CO/Learning Departments/Maint/IT/Security: Carrie Vasquez- Food Service Director
Transportation: Sabrina Ard-Bus Driver
STRIPES: Brooklyn Stoops -STRIPES Staffer
September RepMO Hero