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Republic School District Celebrates DESE Assessment Results

The Department of Elementary and Secondary Education has released information and data about school districts across the state to provide patrons a snapshot into their strengths and areas in which could be improved. Specifically, this includes results from the 2021 MAP test.

As these results will show, because of the commitment of our employees and our families to academic excellence, Republic continues to rank in the top echelon of school districts in the state!

The provided graphic will summarize our MAP celebrations and our opportunities for improvement. Republic is excited to report that regardless of the challenges we faced (and continue to face) due to COVID19, our students and employees overcame many obstacles and we experienced a great deal of growth and achievement! As an organization dedicated to continuous improvement, we are always looking for ways to improve. This is no different. However, we’d like to take time to share that we are INCREDIBLY #RepMOProud of these results, our team and our students!

To see the full data set and our district “report card” visit .


MAP 2021 Results Summary