End of Year Update

Posted by Josey McPhail on 12/18/2017

Since the last update, the turf crew has almost completed the installation of the turf. The end zone lettering, mid-field logo, numbers, and hash marks are completed. The next steps involve edging work along the track and placing the rubber fill into the playing surface. The visitor field house has insulation and underlayment for the roof and are awaiting the installation of the roof panels. The home field house is nearing completion with interior and the final exterior walls being constructed. The roof company will begin installation on the roof structure of the home field house once all walls are constructed. The main ticket booth has been constructed and the roof has been installed. Masonry crews will begin bricking the visitor field house and then move on to the ticket booths and the home field house. The light poles are being constructed and prepped for installation, and dirt work is being completed in preparation for the bleachers on both the home and visitor sides. The project continues to be on time and on budget! 


Check out the drone footage and photos captured by students, Jared Doty and Tristan Brown: https://youtu.be/Wsvr1NK7ANs

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