Join Us for a 30 Day Challenge!

challenge Join Us for a 30 Day Challenge!

30 DAY CHALLENGE TIME! Ok, so we’re all doing our part to fight the spread of COVID-19 during the 30 day “stay at home” order that begins Thursday. Why not set a goal for yourself or your family during this time? Join us over the next 30 days by completing the challenge of your choice! Here are a few ideas:  
**30 days of spending 30 minutes together daily doing a family activity. 
**30 days of writing on a topic of your choice for 15 minutes each day.
**30 day gratitude challenge. Each day write or talk about three things you’re thankful for! 
**30 days of reading for 15 minutes each day. 
**30 day fitness challenge of your choice! 
**30 days of drawing or art projects.  
We’ll check in each week and would love to see pictures of you completing your 30 DAY CHALLENGE! Private message pictures to any of our Facebook pages. #repmoproud #repmo30daychallenge