Missouri Accreditation

Missouri Accreditation

Earlier this month the Missouri Accreditation of Programs for Children and Youth visited the district’s Early Childhood Center to evaluate our program. We are happy to report that the Republic Early Childhood Center has met all indicators during the on-site review and has received a recommendation for accreditation renewal.

The review team provided accolades for how well our teachers and staff members:

  • Promoted social interactions among children regardless of differences
  • Provided developmentally appropriate limits and guidelines for student behavior
  • Fostered children’s emotional well-being by demonstrating respect for children and creating a positive emotional climate
  • Used curriculum in all content and development areas as a flexible framework for teaching
  • Kept appropriate student/child ratios to keep students engaged

These are a few of the many positive comments our Early Childhood Center received, and there were no required or suggested changes made by the review team. Congratulations to the Early Childhood Center for being honored in this way for providing a top-notch facility for our youngest learners!