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COVID-19 Communication Efforts

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The below dashboard identifies the five day rolling average of the percent and number of students and staff members on quarantine or in isolation due to COVID19. This information will be updated twice per week.


Positive COVID19 cases will be reported out via email to JUST the building impacted when reported to the district. In addition, those directly impacted and needing to quarantine will be contacted via email for modified quarantines or with a phone call from school for traditional quarantines.


Last Updated: 11.30.21

*Prior to Thanksgiving Break McCulloch saw an increase in its five day rolling average percentage due to two positive employees. The nature of their positions at school means they interact with students from all across the building. Therefore, a higher number of student quarantines resulted from these particular positive cases than from most of the positives we encounter. These quarantines and positives are now back at school. Currently, there are only 7 total employees/students out due to COVID19 at McCulloch. So their daily average is about 1.4%. However, our tracker utilizes a five day rolling average.

As a reminder, the five day rolling average takes the daily percentage of the last five days and averages it. Therefore, although the daily average is only 1.4%, the five day rolling average includes five days worth of the numbers associated with the two positives mentioned above. In summary, we do not feel any protocol changes need to be implemented at this time.   

 Tracker 11.30.21