• Virtual Learning Enrollment




    Online learning is a unique opportunity that is not for everyone. Prior to enrolling in virtual learning, interested individuals should consider if the student possesses the skills and attitudes necessary for success. Successful candidates for online learning are receiving instruction by teachers certified in the State of Missouri and are typically students who:

    • Are self-motivated and can work independently with little direction.

    • Frequently check email and are comfortable using CANVAS and other technology.

    • Consistently meet deadlines and successfully pass all seated courses.

    • Can advocate for themselves and ask for assistance if they are having difficulty with a course.

    • Possess solid communication skills needed to interact appropriately with classmates and teachers in an online setting.

    • Have obtained a proficient or advanced Lexile status with regard to grade level reading expectations.

    • Have reliable access to the internet, as it is not provided by the district.

    In compliance with Missouri state law, students are allowed to seek full-time virtual learning and choose their own virtual provider. Many of our students have utilized the two virtual providers listed below. If you are interested in pursuing 100% virtual education, you will need to begin the application process with one of the virtual providers, once you are enrolled full time in the Republic School District. You will be asked to provide information such as immunizations, copy of a student’s birth certificate, recent IEP or 504 (if applicable), latest transcript and/or grade card, and proof of residency. 


    As outlined in Missouri House Bill 1552, students who choose to enroll with a MOCAP provider for full-time online learning will cease to be a student of the Republic R-III School District. Therefore, such students will not be eligible to participate in any sports, clubs or activities open to traditional students enrolled in Republic Schools. Furthermore, such students will ultimately earn a diploma from the virtual provider, rather than from Republic High School. 


    Students who have a current IEP should contact their case manager before initiating the application process. 


    Missouri Connections Academy

    Missouri Virtual Learning Academy