Black and white photos of staff interacting with students in the back, large letters that say "CAREERS, JOIN THE REPMO TEAM."

We're hiring difference-makers!

The Republic School District's mission is to "prepare each student for future excellence through a safe educational environment." Every single employee supports that mission through their unique role. As a Republic Tiger, you'll find your work is more than just a job, it's a career that offers fulfilling opportunities to make a difference every day.

There is an opportunity for everyone to find their place and purpose on the RepMO Team. Watch the video to learn how staff members strive to build connections throughout the school year.

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Our Values

"Priorities One & Two"

RepMO teammates are committed to taking care of students and taking care of each other.

Leadership is for Everyone

"Leadership" is not a position or a title. All students and staff members are capable of leadership and setting an example for others.

Results Oriented

Our educators regularly review student success data to identify needs and how we can best serve our students' learning.

Growth Mindset

We are always looking for ways to improve.

Why Choose RepMO?

As a member of the Republic School District team, you'll experience a supportive community and culture. We believe in supporting the whole student through comprehensive educational opportunities, as well as the whole staff member so you can be your best at work and at home. Read more details below.

Our Town

The City of Republic is located just minutes from Springfield, the third largest city in the state of Missouri. To learn more about the city, which is a "small town with a big vision," watch the video.

Our Focus

The Republic School District strives to serve the whole student with a comprehensive educational experience, and support the whole staff member by ensuring they have the tools they need to be successful at work and at home. Through this, we focus on academics, culture and leadership.


The Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education assigns a “grade” to all public schools in the state based on a 180-point scale called the Annual Performance Report (APR). Republic School District’s most recent “score” was 85% as the district achieved 161.5 of the 190 points possible. This places Republic in the top 15% of all school districts across the state. For more details, click here. In addition, when comparing state assessment scores to comparable Missouri districts, Republic ranks at the top of the list!


The district has continued to focus on the community priorities of positive school culture and growing student leaders, with an emphasis on mental health awareness and supportive peer relationships. For several years, Republic School District has deployed the Leader in Me initiative, a school improvement model, in all five of our elementary buildings. That has now expanded to our middle school and high school buildings. In fact, in February 2019 Sweeny Elementary was named an official Leader in Me Lighthouse School. Sweeny is one of just over 300 schools across the country to obtain this prestigious honor! We believe the focus on student leadership helps grow the “whole child” and instills confidence and life skills that will promote success far beyond their years in the Republic School District.  


Republic School District employees are included in the strategic plan through their own Leader in Me initiatives, celebrations of achievements and a comprehensive Staff Wellness Program. The Staff Wellness Program is being developed by our Staff Wellness Facilitator, who works to maximize benefits and create engaging opportunities for district teammates to focus on their overall wellness.

Ready to be part of the RepMO Team?

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Black and white photos of staff interacting with students in the back, large letters that say "WHAT DIFFERENCE WILL YOU MAKE?"